Dr. Robin Unger Invited To Brazil As 5th Annual ABCRC Congress Key Speaker

Dr. Robin Unger Invited To Brazil As 5th Annual ABCRC Congress Key Speaker

Dr. Robin Unger is honored to have been invited as a key speaker at the 5th Annual ABCRC congress in Brazil. This conference is attended by international physicians who specialize in the treatment of hair loss and includes an impressive panel of speakers.

Dr Robin Unger will be addressing three topics in the scientific program. The first topic will be “Female Hair Loss and Hair Restoration”, a known area of expertise of Dr. Unger’s and a true passion. Details that will be reviewed include diagnosis, evaluation, surgical planning, and the secret to achieving cosmetically significant results. The second topic is “The approach to surgical planning in younger patients”. This is an area of great concern to Dr Unger who believes it is critically important for hair restoration surgeons to take a responsible long term approach to planning in these patient population. Unfortunately, the easiest route is just to give the patients “what they want” and be certain you have informed them of the disadvantages and documented this appropriately. The advantage in having worked with her father, Dr Walter Unger, over the last 20 years, is that they have watched the evolution of hair loss in patients over a span of almost 50 years. This very long term perspective has helped both her and her father come up with safe and aesthetically beautiful results that persist over the long term. The third topic being discussed by Dr Robin Unger is the trychophytic closure technique and its appropriate use in carefully selected patients to improve upon the cosmetic appearance of the small donor scar.

Dr. Robin Unger will also be fortunate enough to receive additional training in dermoscopy from Dr. Alessandra Juliano (her former Fellow) in Brasilia. She is looking forward to seeing Brazil and spending time teaching and sharing with her colleagues.

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