Fotona Laser Hair Regrowth NYC

Laser Hair Therapy NYC - Bald man with comb. Hair Loss conceptNYC laser hair therapy uses medical-grade lasers to stimulate a patient’s hair follicles to create a more full head of hair. This stimulation may improve blood flow and nutrients flowing to your hair. With a greater supply of nutrients and blood, you can expect greater hair growth while also reducing current hair loss risks. Many laser-based medical treatments exist, including laser hair growth caps that you can buy online. However, NYC residents should visit Dr. Robin Unger for the best results. Dr. Robin Unger has treated patients for many years, guiding men and women through hair loss. She can help you explore whether or not laser hair therapy makes the most sense for you. Reach out to Dr. Robin Unger to see the services she offers. 

How Do Laser-based Treatments Work for Hair Loss? 

Also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT), this treatment first appeared during the 1960s. Hungarian physician Endre Mester discovered that low-powered lasers can stimulate hair growth. He discovered this happy accident while conducting experiments with a solid-state laser. 

Laser technology has seen significant strides since the 1960s. However, despite these great strides, experts still don’t fully know why lasers can stimulate hair growth. Currently, experts believe, using evidence, that lasers trigger vasodilation. Vasodilation is when your blood vessels widen, stimulating blood flow to your skin, including hair follicles. This blood flow expansion may trigger your hair to enter its anagen or growth phase. 

Laser treatment works similarly to minoxidil, one of the only two medications FDA-approved. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Laser Treatment?

While the thought of lasers coming close to their scalps can make many people squirm, NYC laser hair therapy is very non-invasive and safe. Compared to solutions like hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy is painless and has a much shorter recovery period. Additionally, there don’t appear to be any notable side effects. Also, while the research into laser hair therapy is limited, this method does appear very effective for most patients. Of course, Dr. Robin Unger can help you decide if this procedure is right for you. 

Are There Any Disadvantages? 

Like with anything in life, laser hair therapy does have a few disadvantages. For starters, this procedure can be more expensive than other treatments like medications. Patients will also need to undergo laser hair therapy across several sessions before achieving the desired results. Even devices you can buy at home can start to get expensive and are less effective than on-site treatments. Since you’ll need several sessions, laser hair therapy also takes more time than other treatments. 

The limited research regarding treatment can turn some patients off, and this treatment can interfere with treatments or medications that can cause photosensitivity. Despite these drawbacks, many patients can benefit from laser hair treatments. However, other treatments are available when you visit Dr. Robin Unger. As a specialist in hair treatment solutions, she can pair you with the right option that fits your specific needs and budget. Reach out to Dr. Robin Unger today to see if NYC laser hair therapy is correct for you.