Common Myths About Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a common issue among both men and women. While it’s not a life-threatening issue, it can certainly derail your self-confidence. Because hair loss is such a common dilemma, there have been a lot of myths circulating the subject. It’s important to know how to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Here are some common myths about hair loss you should stop believing:

Hair Loss Only Happens to Older People

While it’s true that many cases of hair loss occur in older people, it doesn’t mean that younger people can’t be affected. In fact, if you’re genetically predisposed to hair loss, you could start losing it as early as your teens.

The Sun Can Contribute to Hair Loss

While exposing yourself to the sun’s ultraviolet rays isn’t exactly good for you, it won’t make you lose your hair. Your hair follicles will still function like normal when you sunbathe on the beach or play volleyball. However, be aware that sun exposure can burn your scalp and dry out your hair, making it more brittle. If you plan on being out in the sun for a while, remember to wear a hat.

Frequent Shampooing Can Make You Lose Your Hair

There’s no evidence that daily shampooing contributes to hair loss. If you notice that you’re shedding more hair after you shampoo and brush, that’s just a normal part of the hair growth phase. However, shampooing too frequently can dry out your hair eventually. To keep the natural oils in your hair, try to just wash it every other day.

Wearing Hats Can Lead to Hair Loss

Another common misconception people have about hair loss is that wearing a hat can cause it. This just isn’t true. However, you should be careful not to wear your head too tight, as it can tug at your hair.

Women Lose Hair the Same Way Men Do

This is another common myth. Women actually lose their hair quite differently than men do. Men tend to form an M shape on their scalp as their hairline recedes and may lose all the hair on the top of their scalps. Women, however, usually don’t have receding hairlines. They typically experience thinning hair on the tops of their heads.

All Hair Loss Is Permanent

Many people who notice some hair loss believe that they will never grow it back. Fortunately, this is untrue. There are many instances of hair loss that are just temporary. For example, if your hair loss is due to giving birth or certain nutrient deficiencies, you have a good chance of growing it back.

If you have been dealing with hair loss for a while and haven’t found a good solution for it, you should consider getting a hair transplant. This procedure removes hair from a donor area on your body and implants it into your scalp. The results look completely natural and can restore your self-confidence.


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