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Womens Hair Loss Treatment NYC | Female Hair Transplant NYCStudy On Hair Transplantation and Alopecia Areata
Dr. Robin Unger is currently conducting a research study on alopecia areata. This disease is an autoimmune process with a variable course of progression. In some patients, the disease is no longer “active”, in that the areas of hairloss are not changing or increasing in size, however the medical treatments have not successfully re-grown the hair. The curent study is based on a paper published by Dr. Unger in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery, in which a patient with stable areas of alopecia areata successfully grew hair transplanted into the lesions – and also regrew the original hair in that region. The study is being conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital and there is no cost to the patient. We are actively looking for patients interested in enrolling in this study and encourage patients to call the office at (646) 257-3768.

Study On Preservation of Donor Hair
This study has now been in progress for two years and is showing very positive results. Publication of the data is pending and we will update this section when we are ready for the next stage.

Study On PRP
Dr. Robin Unger, with her associates, is undertaking a study to determine the true efficacy of PRP in the treatment of acute telogen effluvium, in addition to its possible application to improve the yield of hair from hair transplant surgery. If interested in participating please contact the office.

Study on ACell
Dr. Unger first used ACell to improve the donor scar three years ago in a patient who had terrible donor scarring after a previous surgery with another physician. Current investigations focus on the use of ACell to improve donor scars in patients with a history of wider than average scars and to potentially speed the growth and improve the density achieved in the recipient area. Again, patients interested in participating should inform Dr. Unger in consultation.

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