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If you’ve experienced hair loss and you’re searching for a top hair transplant surgeon NYC has to offer, Dr. Robin Unger is here to help. She has worked with countless patients in the New York area to address the problems of hair loss and hair thinning. While these conditions may be permanent in some individuals, there are ways of treating this problem so that it does not affect you for years to come.

Hair transplant surgery is one option that many patients choose, and it’s something that may help you recover from permanent hair loss too. Here’s a quick look at what you might expect when you receive treatment from a hair transplant surgeon NYC can provide.

Hair Loss: The Beginning

For many individuals, hair loss begins around the 40s due to decreased productions of hormones. Men who experienced male pattern baldness, however, may begin to notice that their hair receding during their 20s — possibly even during their teens. Both men and women can be affected by hair loss, although men are more likely to develop bald patches on the head and women are more likely to experience hair thinning. Other times, hair loss occurs due to injuries or surgeries that cause damage to the hair follicles, or even due to certain medications or harsh hair treatments.

Some individuals begin noticing substantial hair loss immediately, while others may experience a decrease in hair production over a period of several years before it is noticeable. Regardless of how quickly it occurs, it’s possible for this condition to be permanent.

Hair Transplants Can Help

There are a few different options available for hair restoration, as an experienced hair transplant surgeon in NYC might explain. Some individuals with temporary hair loss conditions may find that lifestyle changes produce positive results. High levels of stress and poor nutrition can both contribute to temporary hair loss. Aggressive chemical treatments or high-heat treatments for the hair may also contribute to hair loss by damaging the follicles or by causing hair to become prone to breakage.

When hair loss is permanent, hair transplant surgeries may be the ideal option. This type of procedure has been practiced for decades — although, as a seasoned hair transplant surgeon NYC can provide might tell you, the process has greatly improved in recent years. By removing grafts of hair follicles from a patient’s scalp where hair growth continues to be thick, a skilled surgeon can implant these live follicles into regions of the scalp where hair growth has slowed or stopped.

There are several benefits associated with hair transplant procedures, as a NYC hair transplant surgeon might explain. After the patient’s skin has healed, hair will continue to grow naturally from the transplanted follicles. It can be styled, washed, and cut just like the rest of your hair — because it grows naturally and it blends in perfectly. Some patients only need one session with a surgeon, followed by a short period of healing, before they begin to see substantial hair growth again.

Contact a Local Hair Transplant Surgeon NYC Can Depend On

If you’ve experienced hair loss, there’s no need to suffer through it for the rest of your life. Dr. Robin Unger has helped countless patients who have encountered permanent hair loss, and she may be able to help you, too. For more information about hair restoration options, or to schedule a consultation with a top hair transplant surgeon NYC trusts, contact our local office today.