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Dr. Robin Unger has a practice, in New York City, exclusively dedicated to hair restoration. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and a member of the ISHRS. She is one of the most well respected specialists in the field and one of the few female surgeons who performs this surgery on both men and women with hair loss. Approximately 40% of her patients are female and the remaining portion are men with hair loss. The emphasis in the practice is on providing superior cosmetic results and furthering the education of patients as well as physicians. Dr. Unger operates on only one patient a day and is therefore able to focus all her attention on every detail. Until recently, the practice was shared with her father and mentor, Dr. Walter Unger – allowing for continual dialogue, exchange of ideas, and further refinement of technique on an ongoing basis. As an Assistant Clinical Professor on staff with the department of dermatology at Mt Sinai Hospital she also makes time in her schedule to teach the art of hair restoration surgery to residents and fellows from around the globe. Dr. Unger is a co-editor of the most comprehensive textbook in the field of hair restoration, Hair Transplantation 5th edition, and has authored numerous other chapters and articles advancing the specialty of hair restoration surgery.

Hair transplantation is suitable for patients with patterned hair loss, as well as hair loss secondary to surgical procedures and some disease processes. Hair removed from the permanent donor rim is transplanted to recreate hairlines, crowns, temple hair, sideburns, and sometimes eyebrows. All stages of the surgery are performed personally by Dr. Unger with the assistance of an expert staff. In addition to designing the recipient zone, performing the donor excision, suturing the area and making each individual recipient site, she participates in graft preparation and placement of the grafts in the sites.

If you or someone you care about is considering hair transplant surgery, contact experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon – serving New York City, Dr. Robin Unger at (212) 249-4369 to set up a consultation to meet with the doctor.

Hair Transplant Doctor NYC
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