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Doctors Office New York City regenerative hair treatmentA regenerative hair treatment New York City hair loss victims rave about from Dr. Robin Unger, offers permanent solutions to most types of hair loss, including hair restoration services. We’re also proud to offer full-service hair replacement options as well as luxury medical spa services, so you can take advantage of a full range of beautifying options at our establishment. After all, we want to help you look and feel your best every day! Call today or book online with us to learn more about our hair restoration services in NYC.

What Is Hair Therapy?

Hair therapy is a treatment used to improve the condition of the hair and scalp. The therapy can be used to treat various conditions, such as dandruff, dry scalp, and oily scalp. The therapy can also be used to improve the appearance of the hair, such as by making it shinier or by increasing its volume.  There are two types of treatments that fall under this category: chemical treatments and natural treatments. Chemical treatments may include applying shampoos, conditioners, and other products to the hair. Natural treatments may include using certain herbs on the scalp.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Therapy?

There are many benefits of hair therapy. One is that it can help to regenerate your hair. This means that your hair will be able to grow back thicker and stronger than before. It can also help to improve the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles. Additionally, hair therapy can also help to stimulate new hair growth. This is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Finally, hair therapy can also help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, which is why you should pursue New York City regenerative hair treatment.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Robin Unger is a renowned hair transplant surgeon in New York City who offers a unique regenerative hair treatment. This treatment uses your own stem cells to promote hair growth. The stem cells are harvested from your body and then injected into the areas of your scalp that are thinning. These injections will stimulate new hair follicles, which can lead to thicker, fuller looking hair over time. For some people, this process may not work as well as for others due to differences in skin type and other factors. You can also use this treatment with other treatments like topical creams or laser therapy for an even better result.

How Effective Is It?

Are you looking for a new hair treatment that can help regenerate your hair? Dr. Robin Unger is a board certified dermatologist who offers regenerative hair treatment. This new hair treatment uses a process called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP therapy is a three step process that uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth. First, blood is drawn from your arm and placed into a centrifuge. This machine spins the blood to separate the platelets from the red and white blood cells. The platelets are then injected into the scalp where they release growth factors that stimulate hair follicles to grow. Injections are usually given every four to six weeks for three to six months.

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