Hair Transplant in 23 Year Old Male

A 23 year old male (Norwood IV) who underwent hair transplant procedure to the frontal area. The procedure covered the frontal 2/3 of the scalp including the deep ledges. A total of 2421 grafts were placed (approximately 50% into future areas of loss). The patient is shown before the surgery (A1 and B1) and 2…

Hair Transplant in 52 Year Old Male

A 52 year old male ( Norwood IV) is shown before hair transplant surgery, with the proposed pattern of coverage and at 2 years follow up after the surgery.

Treatment of future areas of loss

This 34 year old patient had two surgeries back to back (over a period of two days) to restore hair over the majority of his scalp. Future areas of loss were treated except the inferior part of the vertex. One year after surgery, he was very satisfied with the improvement

Hair transplant to the front

This 38 year old patient had one surgery to the front and midscalp to restore hair over the front area.  One year after surgery, improvement was significant.

Hair transplant with white hair

This 60 year old gentleman had been leaving without hair for quite a number of years. He wanted a significant but subtle improvement in his frontal region. Often as a person ages, the donor hair density decreases, but this man retained very dense donor hair. His characteristics were excellent for the use of double follicular…