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If you’ve been searching for a hair loss treatment Manhattan residents can trust, you might already know that hair loss can be very damaging. Many men and women who experience hair loss find that they also experience a lack of confidence. While hair loss may be temporary in some cases, it is often permanent in adults as they age. Fortunately, there are options available that may help you treat this condition and regain your confidence. If you’re looking for a trustworthy hair loss treatment Manhattan can provide, Dr. Robin Unger is here to help.

Hair Loss: A Common Problem

Hair loss is more common than you may think. In fact, it is a completely natural process that can affect anyone at any time. The average person loses hair every single day; it’s possible for around 100 strands of hair to fall out naturally on a daily basis.

However, if you’re searching for an effective hair loss treatment Manhattan residents recommend, you may have experienced much more hair loss than this. You might also be noticing that your hair simply isn’t growing back as quickly as it once did, or that your hair grows back much thinner than before. This is especially common among men, and it’s estimated that around 85% of men experience some level of hair loss as they age.

Causes of Hair Loss

The exact causes of hair loss can differ for each person. The majority of adults who experience permanent hair loss as they age can blame their genes for this problem; male pattern baldness, for example, can even begin to affect men in their early 20s. This condition is surprisingly common and it is just one reason why individuals may be looking for hair loss treatment in Manhattan.

Some individuals are simply more likely to see decreased hair production as they age. As a person ages, he/she will generally see decreased levels of hormones, and these hormones are responsible for producing hair on the head. Hair growth may slow down or even stop in certain areas, causing bald spots on the head. Hair may also grow back much thinner than before and the individual may not even notice the progression for months, or even years, after it has begun.

There are many other reasons why individuals seek Manhattan hair loss treatment options. Injuries affecting the skin may damage hair follicles and produce scar tissue that is unable to grow new hair, leaving a noticeable mark. Damage might also occur due to intensive heat or chemical treatments on the hair, or because of poor nutrition. It is even possible to experience hair loss after a traumatic event or after prolonged period of stress.

Find a Local Doctor Offering Hair Loss Treatment Manhattan Can Depend On

At the offices of Dr. Robin Unger, we know just how damaging hair loss can be to your confidence. And when you aren’t feeling completely confident in your external appearance, you might find that you’re holding yourself back from all sorts of professional and personal opportunities. It’s our job to make sure that our clients never have to sacrifice adventures and experiences solely because they’ve been affected by hair loss.

For more information about why you might be experiencing hair loss, or to talk with Dr. Robin Unger about a hair loss treatment Manhattan residents find to be effective, contact us today.

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