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Dr. Robin Unger, a Hair Transplant Doctor in New York CityIf you are interested in a consultation with a hair transplant doctor NYC residents respect, call the office of Dr. Robin Unger to make an appointment. Dr. Unger’s patients include both men and women of all ages.

After consulting with a hair transplant doctor in NYC, you will likely know whether you are a good candidate for a hair transplant. Dr. Unger performs a thorough physical exam and will take your medical history into account before making her recommendation. Generally speaking, hair transplant surgery works well for patients who have patterned hair loss or who have lost hair as a result of disease or surgical procedures.

Who qualifies as a good candidate for a hair transplant?

There are many factors that Dr. Unger takes into consideration before making a hair transplant. As a well respected NYC hair transplant doctor, Dr. Unger does not take this decision lightly. Before meeting with Dr. Unger in person, the following general information may be useful.

  1. Not all hair colors are equal. Some hair transplants are more successful depending on the client’s natural hair color. More effective coverage is possible when there is minimal contrast between the scalp and the hair color, as areas of low contrast tend to blend together more easily. When the hair and scalp colors match, fewer transplants are required. This may also improve the likelihood that surgery will be successful.
  2. Shape and thickness of hair matters. The more wavy or curly your hair is, the more likely it will block light reflecting your scalp. It’s those reflections that increase the appearance of baldness. This is also why someone with thick hair is usually a better candidate, as thickness helps minimize light reflections. Determining hair thickness can be subjective, which is why a hair transplant doctor NYC residents respect is highly qualified to make that call.
  3. Flexible scalps are good for transplants. Tight-skinned scalps make successful transplants less likely, because a looser scalp makes it more practical for a surgeon to transplant new hair follicles. A hair transplant doctor NYC patients turn to for this type of surgery can help determine if your scalp is flexible enough. Generally, this is a factor that non-surgeons have difficulty judging. After an in-person examination, Dr. Unger may let you know if your scalp is an issue.
  4. Scalp disease may be problematic. Dermatological conditions might make successful transplants especially unlikely. Sometimes, patients who suffer from alopecia or alopecia scarring are not good candidates. However, Dr. Unger is a hair transplant doctor NYC recognizes as having made significant advancements in this area. After an in-person consultation, Dr. Unger can help determine if you are a good candidate despite having a form of scalp disease.

Contact a Hair Transplant Doctor in NYC

Hair transplants can be successfully performed on men and women of any age. However, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. There are many benefits to a hair transplant, but it may not be the best solution for everyone. To discover if you’re a good candidate, contact Dr. Robin Unger, a hair transplant doctor NYC trusts.

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“Can only say the nicest things about Dr. Unger. She makes you feel totally comfortable from the minute you meet her- you feel her support, kindness, as well as her expertise. She and the staff do all they can to help the situation. Everyone in the office is professional and kind. I highly recommend her!”
Julie R
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