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Hair Transplant Doctor NYCDr. Unger is one of the most well respected hair transplant surgeons in NYC and the world. Often referred to as an artist in her field, Dr. Unger’s work speaks for itself. Her before and after images show individuals with thinning hair restored to their former lustrous locks. Her hair restoration practice in NYC is devoted solely to the evaluation and treatment of hair loss. Approximately 40 percent of her patients are women, and 95 patients come to her as a result of referrals.

Hair Loss Treatment in NYC

If you are looking for hair loss treatment in NYC, look no further than Dr. Robin Unger. She is well-versed in a number of different hair restoration procedures. She primarily uses the unified tissue harvest technique and the follicular unit extraction technique in her practice. The unified tissue harvest technique involves transplanting many hair grafts from areas of dense, thick growth to thinning areas at once. Any scars are minimized and are hidden under areas of hair growth. In the follicular unit extraction technique, individual follicular units are excised using a punch and then extracted using forceps. These individual units are then transplanted. A specialized hair transplant surgeon in NYC, Dr. Unger uses only proven, effective methods for hair restoration.

Dr. Robin Unger shares her practice with her father, Dr. Walter Unger. Another hair restoration surgeon in NYC, Dr. Walter Unger is available to collaborate and refine techniques together as they work on their own individual cases. In addition to working as a hair loss doctor in NYC, Dr. Robin Unger is an Assistant Clinical Professor with the department of dermatology at Mt. Sinai hospital. She has also been elected director of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

Dedicated to the care of her patients, Dr. Unger performs just one hair transplant procedure per day. This ensures that she and her staff can provide optimal, undivided attention for each patient. In fact, many of her patients compare the hair transplant procedure to a day at the spa. Dr. Unger is committed to continuous learning and teaching. She values education and shares her proven techniques with other physicians. An outstanding hair transplant doctor in NYC, Dr. Unger is constantly re-evaluating her techniques and craft so that she can provide the best results for her patients.

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Client Review

“Dr. Unger is extremely knowledgeable about hair loss and its causes. She took time asking and answering questions and was the first doctor to give me an accurate diagnosis. Her kindness and professionalism were very much appreciated and I left her office feeling hopeful and positive. I could not recommend her more highly. ”
Lisa Ross
Client Review

Dr. Robin Unger

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