PRP conference in LA

Dr. Robin Unger will shortly lead another workshop on platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for hair restoration in Los Angeles, at the annual ISHRS meeting. Dr. Unger has been one of the leaders in education and discussion and advancement of our understanding of PRP. This will be the fifth talk she is leading in the last year on this cutting edge technique. More importantly, she feels it is part of her professional mission to create these workshops and give talks to other experts in the field that are looking to improve their ability to help patients with platelet rich plasma.

This annual meeting brings together hair restoration experts from around the world. The goals are to teach and share knowledge in order to be able to offer patients better treatment options and improved techniques. One of the benefits of this meeting is that information can be shared amongst experts and taught to those just starting in the field of hair restoration.

Dr. Unger has created a workshop on PRP which brings together and impressive faculty of those in the field of hair restoration, with a specific interest in improving the results that can be obtained from this treatment option.

The faculty will be sharing their experience and knowledge. It includes:

Dr. Robin Unger – Dr. Unger has been studying the potential mechanisms of action of PRP, the effect of microneedling, the benefits of using ACell in the preparation and different compositions of the platelet rich plasma to improve results and make them longer lasting. Her technique has developed and evolved over the last nine years and many patients have benefited from her expertise.

Dr. Jim Vogel – Dr. Vogel has been in a practice specializing in hair restoration  

Dr. Dan McGrath – Dr. McGrath’s practice is in Austin Texas and he has achieved excellent results with PRP

Dr. Chiara Insalaco – Dr. Insalaco practices in Italy and specializes in hair restoration. She has studied platelet rich plasma therapy with Dr. John Cole. Specifically she is interested in the role played by different methods of activation. Sonication is a new technique which may be able to facilitate the release and activation of more growth factors as compared to other techniques.

Dr. Jerry Cooley – Dr. Cooley has been advancing the scientific knowledge in this community for more than 15 years. His work regarding holding solutions and graft survival has benefited many in practice today. His new area of interest with respect to PRP, is the possible role that can be played by the addition of other cells in the mixture: embryonic, follicle stem cells, and fat stem cells.