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Answers to Common Questions about PRP Hair Growth

Dr. Robin Unger provides PRP for hair loss NYC residents turn to for a hair growth solution. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a proven technique to treat hair loss or thinning.

PRP for hair loss in NYC is a viable choice for many seeking a safe and effective treatment. If you are considering PRP, you may have questions. Feel free to contact our office to find out more. Below is some additional information about PRP that you may find helpful.

Why do some women experience hair loss?

Almost 40 million women in the United States develop hair loss, which can begin as early as puberty. NYC PRP for hair loss is a popular solution for women. The most common reason ladies might suffer from hair thinning is genetics. Other potential contributors for hair loss include:

  • Nutrition or diet
  • Age
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Surgery
  • Hair care
  • Illness

Why do men experience hair loss?

Men typically lose hair if they have inherited a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone. About 60 million men in the United States have male pattern hair loss due to one reason or another. When considering PRP for hair loss NYC men have been very satisfied with the treatments offered by Dr. Robin Unger. Call our office today to request a consultation to see if it’s right for you.

What are PRP hair loss treatments?

PRP is an in-office and non-surgical treatment that relies on a small sample of the patient’s blood.

  1. From that blood, plasma and platelets are separated and concentrated.
  2. The PRP is then tested and may be subsequently combined with extracellular matrix to strengthen hair growth.
  3. The PRP is injected into areas of the scalp that are numbed from a special anesthetic and antiseptic solution.
  4. Low level laser therapy is then used on the patient to complete the treatment. When considering PRP for hair loss NYC surgeon Dr. Robin Unger can provide a detailed treatment plan for you after a thorough exam.

What kind of results from PRP can I expect?

Minute improvements in the hair mass index can be detected in the first few months. Using specialized measuring equipment, it’s possible to predict how much growth will be visibly noticeable to the patient in the subsequent weeks. To be able to visually see the results of PRP, it can take anywhere from six to twelve months. Improvement is measured every three months. The next PRP is scheduled once the hair mass index begins to decline. Except when the patient has alopecia areata, they may need a PRP treatment every year. When considering PRP for hair loss NYC patients should expect that treatment times and success rates vary.

Call for an Appointment

If you would like to find out if you’re a candidate for this treatment, call our office today for a consult. Consider PRP for an effective and safe solution for hair thinning or loss of hair. Dr. Robin Unger is an experienced surgeon offering PRP for hair loss NYC locals have trusted for years.

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