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Women's Hair Loss Treatment New YorkIt is becoming much more common these days for people to search for an effective women’s hair loss treatment New York women trust. Hair loss has traditionally been viewed as a male problem, but research shows that many women suffer from temporary and chronic hair loss, too. When some female patients come to Dr. Robin Unger for hair loss treatments, they are surprised to learn just how common this problem is!

As a respected source for women’s hair loss treatment New York patients can count on, Dr. Robin Unger knows how important it is for men and women to know that they are not alone if they’re facing hair loss concerns.

Understanding Female Hair Loss

Anyone looking for a women’s hair loss treatment New York has to offer should know that their situation is unique. If ever a hair loss problem becomes worrisome, a medical professional should be consulted for a definitive diagnosis. That being said, here are a few of the most surprising causes of hair loss in women:

1. Birth control pills

Hair growth is largely affected by hormones, and any hormonal imbalances can lead to a disruption of hair growth. Women who are likely to experience hair loss due to genetics are also more likely to experience hair loss when they begin taking — or stop taking — contraceptives.

2. Tight braids, buns, and ponytails

Hairstyles that pull on the hair can lead to a condition called traction alopecia. When a person regularly wears a hairstyle that is too tight and pulls on the hair, localized trauma occurs in the hair follicles. This type of hair loss can be temporary if caught early on, but years of wearing the same tight braids could have you searching for a hair transplant surgeon New York residents trust.

3. Childbirth, a major surgery, or a traumatic event

A condition known as telogen effluvium can occur when an individual undergoes a stressful or traumatic event; this condition leads to hair loss, even though the stressful event was completely unrelated to the person’s hair growth.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, telogen effluvium can occur after a stressful event because the body’s hair growth cycle suddenly shifts. When the event occurs, as much as 90% of the hair in the growing phase suddenly “skips” the resting phase and enters the shedding phase.

4. Too many vitamin A supplements

Vitamin A is necessary for a healthy body, but if you regularly ingest too much of it, you could find yourself searching for a women’s hair loss treatment New York has to offer. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the average daily value (DV) intake of vitamin A for an adult should be 5,000 IU (international units). Too much vitamin A can cause the body to stop producing new hair.

5. Menopause

Hair loss is a natural effect of menopause for many women, which generally occurs around age 50. Hormonal imbalances, again, are the culprit here: fluctuations in hormone levels during menopause can lead to increased hair growth followed by permanent hair loss.

Regardless of the Cause, Hair Loss Treatments May Help

Anyone searching for a trustworthy hair restoration surgeon New York can provide should keep in mind that there are many possible causes of hair loss — and there are several effective treatment options, too! Dr. Robin Unger is a well-known name in the hair transplant and hair restoration industry, and she has helped many patients in the New York region conquer their battle with chronic hair loss. To find out more about Dr. Robin Unger’s approach to  women’s hair loss treatment New York residents trust, contact us today.

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“Dr. Unger is extremely knowledgeable about hair loss and its causes. She took time asking and answering questions and was the first doctor to give me an accurate diagnosis. Her kindness and professionalism were very much appreciated and I left her office feeling hopeful and positive. I could not recommend her more highly. “
Lisa Ross
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