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Women's Hair Loss Treatment New YorkAre you a Woman in need of Hair Loss Restoration in New York?

Any woman searching for women’s hair loss treatment New York can provide might feel as though few other women suffer from this condition. Because hair loss in women is not discussed as often as male pattern baldness, and because it may be less visible in certain cases, it’s common for this misconception to be perpetuated.

As an experienced provider of women’s hair loss treatment New York residents trust, Dr. Robin Unger has treated many women who have experienced significant hair loss. The transplant procedures offered by a skilled New York women’s hair loss treatment provider can potentially be just as effective for women as for men. In fact, many hair loss treatment patients are very surprised to find out how common this condition is among women.

Understanding Female Hair Loss

Did you know:

  • Menopause often leads to hair loss in women; around 40% of women over the age of 40 have experienced some degree of hair loss. This is because estrogen is the primary hormone responsible for causing hair growth. When the production of estrogen decreases during menopause, women are more likely to develop hair loss.
  • Around 90% of hair loss cases occur because of genetics.
  • It’s also possible for stress, malnutrition, and major surgeries to cause hair loss — although these factors may be temporary.
  • Prolonged stress can lead to a severe case of hair loss for women. When this condition occurs, it’s possible for a woman to lose up to 70% of her hair in a very short period of time.
  • As any experienced provider of women’s hair loss treatment New York offers might know, women can suffer the psychological effects of hair loss even more than men. One study of women found that 25% of respondents considered hair loss to be just as traumatic as losing a limb.

New York Women’s Hair Loss Treatment

Despite common misconceptions, hair loss is a common condition among women today and many people can find effective solutions at an office providing women’s hair loss treatment New York residents trust. Hair transplant procedures are becoming more common for those seeking women’s hair loss treatment in New York, and these surgeries are highly effective for treating chronic hair loss. Patients are able to use grafts of their own hair follicles, which are taken from donor locations on the scalp. Patients with a substantial amount of hair loss might undergo several sessions, but each session can be conducted safely in a doctor’s office within a single day.

Best of all, a hair loss treatment option like hair transplanting allows for the person’s body to continue producing new hair that is 100% natural. Grafts contain not only pieces of hair, but the living hair follicles themselves. A successful graft transplant will allow the healthy follicle to continue producing new hair that can be trimmed, washed, and styled as usual.

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It’s important for all women to know that hair loss is common and that there are treatment options available. To find out more about a service offering women’s hair loss treatment New York residents trust, contact Dr. Robin Unger today.

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