Male Pattern Baldness

Before surgery to correct poor transplant and after one surgery

This patient was referred by a dermatologist for correction of a very poorly done hair transplant. The patient had actually had six previous procedures done by another surgeon. In consultation, Dr. Unger explained what was needed in order to improve on the cosmetic appearance. At least two surgeries were needed: the first to correct the hairline and frontal region, and the second to further perfect the hairline and make the “plugginess” in the midscalp less evident. Each surgery would involve excising an elliptical harvest containing old punch scars in the donor, as well as the intervening hair, in order to improve on the donor scars while fixing the recipient area. The photo shows the results in the hairline region after one surgery.

Client Review

“Dr Unger is one of the most professional unfocused I have ever met. She took a long time in our initial consultation learning my expectations and what might be causing my hair loss. She connected with my other doctors and found that I had a few issues that might need attention which my other doctors had not noticed. Ultimately, I am extremely happy with my results and the decision to do a PRP with Dr Unger and highly respect her knowledge.”
Remy Bhatia
Client Review