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Female Hair Transplant ManhattanIf you are in need of a female hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan or a female hair transplant surgeon in NYC, call Dr. Robin Unger today! For women, hair thinning and loss are especially unsettling. Many women experience hair loss, especially during menopause as levels of estrogen in the blood decline. As women age, these fluctuations in hormone levels often result in hair fall and loss, and over time, significant thinning. Hair loss can affect self-esteem, especially in women who may associate their hair with their overall image.

Expert Women’s Hair Loss Treatment in NYC

There is no need to suffer in silence. Fortunately, Dr. Unger has perfected the art of female hair transplants in Manhattan. In fact, a full forty percent of her patients are women. Considered “the artist” in her field, Dr. Unger removes areas of existing hair growth and transplants them to areas of hair loss. These hair follicles take root and grow, adding hair and recreating fullness in thinning areas. Dr. Unger provides expert women’s hair loss treatment in NYC. She is the director of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and is a member of the ISHRS. She also teachers the art of hair transplantation to students at Mt. Sinai hospital where she serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor.

In Dr. Unger’s well-qualified hands, there is nothing to fear. In fact, the transplant procedure has even been compared to a day at the spa. Her office environment is warm and inviting, and she performs just one hair transplant surgery per day. A special cocktail of medications are given so that you will be comfortable and relaxed for the procedure. Rest assured, you will be her sole focus as she and her staff transform your thinning locks to a lustrous, full head of hair. And as part of the experience, you will even receive a midday lunch.

After the procedure you will have several follow-up appointments so that Dr. Unger can carefully monitor your condition. During these appointments she will answer your questions and check on the grafts to ensure that they heal properly. From start to finish, Dr. Unger’s competent hands will renew both your hair and your self-confidence.

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When considering women’s hair loss treatment in Manhattan, call on the best! Don’t trust your hair or your self-image to anyone else. Women know just how unsettling hair thinning and loss can be. If you need a female hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan or a female hair transplant surgeon in NYC, call on Dr. Unger today!

Female Hair Transplant Manhattan
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