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5 Important Facts About Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair Loss Doctor Manhattan NYIf you’ve found yourself searching for a top hair loss doctor Manhattan residents trust, Dr. Robin Unger should be your first call. Hair loss is one of most common cosmetic insecurities that Americans face today. In the past, it was common to assume that hair loss couldn’t be treated. With hair transplant procedures now becoming more popular, people are realizing that they don’t can again feel confident about their hair.

Anyone looking for a hair loss doctor Manhattan can provide might still feel wary about transplant procedures — and that is completely understandable. Here are a few important facts to keep in mind if you decide to pursue transplant options through a local Manhattan hair loss doctor:

  1. Hair transplant procedures can use your own natural hair. These procedures involve extracting live hair follicles from other areas of the head where the hair is growing thickly — usually this is the back of the head or the sides. These follicles are transplanted very carefully back to the areas of concern by a professional hair loss doctor Manhattan can provide.
  2. The transplanted hair keeps growing. The transplanted hair sections include the entire hair follicle. When the transplant is successful, the follicle will continue to produce new hair indefinitely.  Once established, transplanted hair should be treated just like the rest of your hair!
  3. Patients with extensive hair loss can be treated in multiple sessions — and no hospital stay is required. Routine hair transplant procedures rarely require treatment in the hospital, and some individuals may only need one session in a doctor’s office. For patients with more extensive hair loss, multiple sessions can be scheduled so that the person has time to heal (and doesn’t have to spend all day in the procedure).
  4. Hair transplant procedures are common — and effective — for women.As any hair loss doctor Manhattan can offer might know, hair loss is very common among women. Once the female body decreases its production of estrogen during menopause, the body might begin to produce less hair. Hair transplant procedures can be just as effective for women as they are for men.
  5. Transplant procedures are permanent and most patients have little or no visible scarring. Some of the more common procedures used by a hair loss doctor in Manhattan allow the patient to walk away with a single small scar — or no scarring at all. For men and women who prefer to wear their hair in a shorter style, the lack of visible scar tissue can make all the difference. Additionally, because the transplanted hair follicles are live and they continue producing new natural hair, this procedure is the only permanent hair loss option currently available.

Hair loss can be a traumatic condition for many people. It’s common for patients to seek treatment options because they feel self-conscious about their hair. Dr. Robin Unger is dedicated to helping you get your self-esteem back — helping you feel more like you.

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For more information about hair transplant procedures, or to schedule a consultation appointment with a hair loss doctor Manhattan residents trust, contact Dr. Robin Unger today.

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“Dr. Unger is extremely knowledgeable about hair loss and its causes. She took time asking and answering questions and was the first doctor to give me an accurate diagnosis. Her kindness and professionalism were very much appreciated and I left her office feeling hopeful and positive. I could not recommend her more highly. “
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