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If you are considering a hair loss treatment New York specialists offer, consider contacting Dr. Robin Unger. A highly respected surgeon, Dr. Unger focuses exclusively on hair restoration procedures. She will be happy to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for any of the procedures she offers patients.

Hair Loss

People of any age who lose their hair can be significantly impacted on a mental and emotional level. It can also affect their relationships and their social interactions. For many, the solution is hair loss treatment in New York performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Robin Unger.

Contributing Factors

For most of our patients, pattern baldness is an inherited condition. When seeking hair loss treatment New York community members may be surprised to learn that certain factors can contribute to the effects caused by their DNA. Some of the most common contributing factors are as follows:

  • Poor diet. When the body suffers from a nutritional deficiency, it can result in a number of symptoms, including hair loss. This is especially true when someone consistently has a lack of folic acid or iron in their system. A New York hair loss treatment such as what is offered by Dr. Unger may take this into account. However, a proper nutritional diet can aid not only in reducing hair loss but also by improving skin tone, energy levels, and even mental capacity.
  • Imbalance of the thyroid. If the thyroid hormones are not at the optimum level, this can contribute to hair loss. If you are aware of having a thyroid hormone imbalance and are currently treating it, this may have less of an effect on hair loss than other factors.
    Extreme stress. The body can react to stress in many ways. Unfortunately for many, hair loss is a common reaction when stress levels are high and continuous. It may be desirable to explore ways to decrease the amount of stress one is experiencing whether it is due to one’s job, relationships, or other concerns.
  • Smoking and nicotine. Though smoking is often associated with cancer, it can result in additional conditions such as hair loss. By quitting smoking, it can improve overall health.
  • Drinking alcohol. Alcohol can have detrimental effects on the body and can even cause chemical changes such as hair loss.
    Too much exposure to the sun. In addition to other harmful effects caused by significant UV exposure, it can also contribute to hair loss.
  • Side effects from certain medications. If hair loss is a known side effect from a particular medication, it should be listed as part of the supplemental information. Though it may contribute to, or cause hair loss for some, that side effect will probably not occur for all uses of that medication. If experiencing such a side effect, prior to undergoing hair loss treatment New York residents may wish to explore alternative medications under the consultation of their physician.

A Hair Loss Treatment New York Respects

To learn more about hair loss treatment New York offers, contact Dr. Robin Unger at (212) 249-4369 to request a consultation.

Client Review

“Dr Unger is one of the most professional unfocused I have ever met. She took a long time in our initial consultation learning my expectations and what might be causing my hair loss. She connected with my other doctors and found that I had a few issues that might need attention which my other doctors had not noticed. Ultimately, I am extremely happy with my results and the decision to do a PRP with Dr Unger and highly respect her knowledge.”
Remy Bhatia
Client Review

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