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5 Common Hair Transplant Myths

Hair Transplant Doctor New YorkAnyone searching for a top hair transplant doctor New York residents trust may have thought, at one point, that hair loss was a permanent and untreatable condition. This certainly may have been the case in the past. However, several new hair loss options have appeared in recent years that focus on hair transplant procedures — and these procedures are only becoming more popular.

Patients seeking treatment from Dr. Robin Unger, a hair transplant doctor New York residents recommend, may be surprised to learn just how popular hair transplant procedures are. In fact, there are many misconceptions about this industry that may deter people away from scheduling a consultation. Here are some of the biggest myths we’ve encountered about hair transplant surgeries:

Myth #1: You have to receive a transplant from another person.

Truth: Many patients have plenty of hair growing thickly on other areas of the head, and grafts can easily be taken from these locations without producing too much visible scarring. Patients actually receive transplants from “donor” locations on a different section of their own head where hair loss has not occurred.

Myth #2: Hair transplant surgeries produce a lot of scarring.

Truth: During the procedure, a hair transplant doctor New York trusts like Dr. Robin Unger, removes grafts from specific locations and carefully transfers small grafts to new locations where hair loss has occurred. Grafts are extracted from the same location when a patient needs multiple sessions, thereby leaving only a single scar. At the conclusion of the procedure it may even be possible to remove all traces of scar tissue. It can all look like natural hair growth!

Myth #3: Transplanted hair won’t continue to grow.

Truth: This is a common myth that any hair transplant doctor New York trusts might face. Grafts actually transfer hair follicles — not just strands of hair — and when a transplant is successful, the follicles will continue to produce new hair.

Myth #4: Recovery after a hair transplant surgery takes a long time.

Truth: If the procedure is done properly in the office of a New York hair transplant doctor, patients are able to walk out of the office that same day. However, patients may wish to take a brief recovery time away from social events or work so that the transplanted sections can heal without being noticeable. This recovery period is generally around 7-10 days.

Myth #5: Only men are good candidates for hair transplants.

Truth: Women can be fantastic candidates for this procedure. In fact, it is fairly common for women to experience some amount of hair loss after reaching menopause. Even though this condition is not discussed as often as male pattern baldness, countless women have benefitted from hair transplant surgeries.

Dr. Robin Unger: Your Hair Transplant Doctor in New York

If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, hair transplant options might be the answer for you. Each person’s case is unique and a hair loss professional will be able to discuss which treatment options may be available. If you would like more information about hair transplant procedures, or if you wish to schedule an appointment with a hair transplant doctor New York trusts, contact Dr. Robin Unger’s office today.

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