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Burn Victim Hair Transplants

Dr. Robin Unger specializes in hair transplant for burn victims and has a passion for helping patients regain their self-confidence. She only operates on one patient a day, allowing her to focus her attention on every detail. Dr. Unger performs hair transplant for children and adults. If you suffered burns on your scalp, Dr. Unger may help you restore hair in that area.

What Is a Hair Transplant for Burn Victims?

Hair restoration for burn victims is a surgical procedure that involves moving your existing hair to an area with little or no hair. Many burn victims lose hair on their scalps and may consider a hair transplant to restore their hair follicles.

The majority of Dr. Unger’s surgeries to restore hair are follicular unit transplant surgeries (FUE), which involves removing small clusters of hair from the donor area and inserting them into the recipient area (bald area of the head). Because the hairs are naturally occurring units, they will look smooth and natural in the recipient area of the scalp.

To begin the hair transplant for burn victims process, Dr. Unger injects a local anesthetic into the donor section of the scalp and extracts each hair one at a time from that area. Then, she injects an anesthetic into the recipient area and inserts the follicular units with a micro needle.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

After a hair transplant for burn victims, it’s important to take good care of yourself to speed up the recovery process. Here are some aftercare instructions Dr. Unger may give you:

  • Take painkillers as needed for pain and discomfort.
  • Resist the urge to scratch your scalp. The area may be itchy, but scratching can lead to infection and prevent the new hair from growing.
  • Apply antibiotic cream to any scarring twice a day for the first week. This cream will help prevent infection.
  • Wash your hair with a balanced shampoo a couple of days after the surgery. Shampooing will remove dead skin and clean the scabs that have formed around the grafted hairs. Do not forget to wash your hair every day for the next week to prevent crusts from forming in the area.
  • Do not expose your scalp to the sun during the recovery process. If you have to be out in the sun, at least cover your head with a hat.
  • Stop smoking until at least a month after your surgery. If you smoke cigarettes during the recovery process, it could interrupt blood flow to the hair follicles and prevent new hair growth.

If you have decided to get a hair transplant for burn victims, Dr. Unger may do everything to help you feel as comfortable as possible. She’ll address all your questions and concerns and make sure you feel as little discomfort as possible.

To obtain more information about hair transplant for burn victims, contact Dr. Unger at 212-249-9393.

“Thank you so much for your help, Dr. Unger. When my eyebrow got burnt off, I felt so self-conscious about my appearance. But you restored my eyebrow and made it look completely natural. You are truly talented at your craft”
— Jack

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