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Hair Transplant Surgeon Manhattan If you are searching for a hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan, look no further than Dr. Robin Unger. Dr. Unger’s thriving hair restoration practice in Manhattan receives an astounding 95 percent of their patients through referrals. Obviously, Dr. Unger’s work speaks for itself!

Committed To The Best Hair Loss Treatment in Manhattan

Dr. Unger is the director of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor on staff with the department of dermatology at Mt. Sinai hospital. A lifelong learner, Dr. Unger is constantly learning and searching for reviewed, proven ways to provide better results. She is committed to providing the best hair loss treatment in Manhattan and beyond. In fact, she is considered to be one of the most well-respected hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Experienced and Trusted throughout Manhattan

Dr. Unger has a variety of “tools in her toolbox” and does not believe in cookie cutter care. The hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan begins with an initial consultation. During this time she assesses the extent of hair loss, determines the cause of hair loss, and discusses potential treatment with the patient. Dr. Unger explains the different hair restoration techniques and helps the patient consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. She primarily uses the unified tissue harvest technique and the follicular unit extraction technique. As a respectable hair restoration surgeon in Manhattan, Dr. Unger wants her patients to be well informed prior to any procedure.

Once the patient feels comfortable and informed, a procedure is scheduled. Procedures are conducted in Dr. Unger’s warm, relaxing office. Patients are given a cocktail of medications to relax them and keep them comfortable during the procedure. Some patients are so relaxed, in fact, they refer to their surgery as more like a day at the spa than a medical procedure. The office even provides a midday lunch to patients undergoing procedures. After the procedure is complete, patients are sent home or back to their hotel to rest until their check-up the next day. The Manhattan hair transplant doctor’s care doesn’t end there, though. Dr. Unger provides a number of post-operative visits to answer questions and check on the transplanted hair.

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As for the results – well, it’s easy to see why Dr. Robin Unger is the top hair loss doctor in Manhattan! She provides stellar, lasting results for both men and women. Still not sure? Read what her patients have to say. If you are in need of a hair transplant surgeon in Manhattan, call Dr. Unger right away!

Client Review

“Dr Unger is one of the most professional unfocused I have ever met. She took a long time in our initial consultation learning my expectations and what might be causing my hair loss. She connected with my other doctors and found that I had a few issues that might need attention which my other doctors had not noticed. Ultimately, I am extremely happy with my results and the decision to do a PRP with Dr Unger and highly respect her knowledge.”
Remy Bhatia
Client Review

Dr. Robin Unger

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