Myths About Dental Implants 

Are you interested in dental implants, or are you thinking about them after removing a tooth? Know that you aren’t alone if you are. Implants can replace your missing teeth and give you the smile you always wanted. Dental implants offer you a natural look and can last up to 30 years before the cap needs to be replaced with a new one. 

However, there are plenty of myths out there surrounding dental implants though. If you are still unsure about what is real and what is a fiction, read on. 

Myth #1: Implant surgery is painful and invasive 

One of the most common myths about dental implants is that they are extremely painful and invasive. While yes, dental implants require oral surgery, they have come a long way since they were first introduced decades ago. New techniques have made this a minimally invasive surgery. Patients are numbed with local anesthesia and the procedure typically takes an hour to place the implant. Most patients recover within a few days. 

Myth #2: Implants take a long time to heal and hurt 

Yes, there is a healing process for dental implants. The titanium used to create the implant must have time to bond with your jawbone and gums. Typically the healing process takes three to six months but the time varies with different patients. Usually, there is no pain during this healing process, and daily life activities are not affected. 

Myth #3: Implants are not worth it 

Many people see the implant’s price and think it isn’t worth the price. The truth is, despite it costing more than a dental bridge or dentures, they last longer. If you are using the proper care, it can last for the rest of your life. Dentures must be replaced every five to seven years, while a dental bridge can last up to 15 years. 

Myth #4: Implants do not look natural 

Some people feel they won’t get the natural look with implants, so they avoid them. The truth is, with implants, you can active this look. Once the process is complete, the implants will look and feel real. The dentist doing your procedure will ensure that the crown fitted to the implant is the same shade as the rest of your teeth. Since the porcelain is often stain-resistant over time the crown may stand out as a lighter color. This is why it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Overall the look of an implant looks natural when compared to other methods. 

Knowing the truth behind implants can help you decide if it is the right procedure for you. In the long run, your choice and what makes you happy is the most important thing.