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If you’re looking for a women’s hair loss treatment NYC residents recommend, it’s important to find a hair loss doctor who is both effective and compassionate. Male pattern baldness is something that affects many men today, and some might argue that hair loss is less noticeable among men for this reason. Women often face intense scrutiny over their physical appearances, and even a small amount of hair loss can leave you feeling extremely self-conscious.

There are several different approaches to hair loss treatment that you may have already heard about or tried: lifestyle changes, topical treatments, and herbal supplements are commonly “prescribed” for hair loss. However, few of these options are an effective and permanent womens hair loss treatment NYC women deserve.

When patients are looking for a women’s hair loss treatment in NYC that could give tangible results, they call Dr. Robin Unger. She understands the complexities of hair loss, and the problems that may affect women who are struggling with hair loss. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, Dr. Robin Unger works directly with patients to help them feel comfortable throughout the treatment process.

Options for Women’s Hair Loss Treatment in NYC

There are two main options that patients tend to ask about when looking for women’s hair loss treatment NYC can provide:

  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy:PRP therapy has become very popular in the medical community over the past decade, because it is minimally invasive and involves minimal risk. Platelets are extracted from the patient’s own blood, and then injected into the location where hair growth has decreased. PRP therapy can be administered over a series of sessions and is ideal for patients with thinning hair.
  • Transplants using unified tissue harvesting:Hair transplant procedures are another popular solution for hair thinning and hair loss. Small strips of live hair follicles are removed from a “donor” area where the hair is growing fully. Dr. Robin Unger then places these follicles into locations where hair growth has decreased or ceased. Successful transplant procedures result in natural hair that blends in with preexisting hair. Depending on the number of follicles that are being moved, it may be beneficial for patients to schedule multiple sessions to allow the donor area to heal. Hair transplant procedures provide a permanent solution to hair loss for both men and women.

Find a Solution for Women’s Hair Loss Treatment NYC Residents Can Depend On

Hair loss treatment is much more than simply improving your physical appearance. The effects of hair regrowth treatments can boost your confidence, your self-esteem, and your overall mental well-being. Women may find it especially hard to cope with hair loss, but this problem doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent.

If you’re searching for an effective NYC women’s hair loss treatment, Dr. Robin Unger should be your first call. We understand that women may find it difficult to cope with hair loss. It’s our job to make sure that our patients feel comfortable and confident throughout the procedure, and after it, too. For more information about  women’s hair loss treatment NYC trusts, contact Dr. Robin Unger today at (646) 257-3768.

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