Combatting Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments & Options

Hair often seems to correlate with self-esteem. While people like to preach the old adage that beauty is on the inside, many do not actually believe it. The fact is, the way a person sees themselves in the mirror plays a role in their confidence level. While it might be true that real character and personality lay beyond a cosmetic appearance, hair loss still receives negative criticism and is the result of several misleading and hurtful stereotypes. If you are suffering from hair loss, there are several ways to slow the spread.

Use Different Hair Care Products

Gels, styling products, and even some shampoos can cause premature hair loss. According to several recent studies, the chemical present in several popular styling creams and gels can latch onto the hair follicle or stunt new growth, leading to hair loss and balding. Other studies suggest DHT, converted from testosterone, is a leading cause of hair loss in men. To combat this, you can use an anti-DHT shampoo, one that contains one to two percent ketoconazole.

Take Cooler Showers

While the evidence is thin on hot showers and hair loss, excessive showers and hot water can strip the scalp of essential oils, resulting in dryness and inflammation. According to some, scalp inflammation might result in thinning hair because of miniaturization.

Choose a Prescription Medication

The medications minoxidil and finasteride have shown progress in the realm of hair regrowth, but it is important to understand the potential side effects of such drugs. Minoxidil can cause allergic reactions or lead to skin irritation. Finasteride can lead to erectile dysfunction and a decreased libido. You will want to discuss all the potential side effects with your physician before considering a prescription medication to treat hair loss.

Consider a Scalp Massage

While many non-invasive and non-drug-related treatment options often sound too good to be true, there is evidence to suggest that scalp massages can help promote hair growth. The idea is that the massage leads to increased blood flow and gene activity, both of which are necessary for hair growth.

Schedule a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is often the best option for someone with significant hair loss. The technique and donor regions used will depend on your specific circumstance, and may even include a procedure known as scalp micropigmentation treatment, which can be a procedure for both males and females. Hair loss treatment procedures can help you out with getting back to the appearance that you desire and also help to raise self-esteem.