Dr. Robin Unger Continues in Her Education Efforts

Dr. Robin Unger Continues in Her Education Efforts

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In Chicago, at the upcoming 2015 ISHRS meeting, Dr. Robin Unger will once again share her years of experience and knowledge with newer generations of hair restoration surgeons. She and her father, Dr. Walter Unger,  have always opened their clinic in New York City to physicians seeking to learn the skills they have honed over their many years in practice. Their clinic is almost always host to at least one Dermatology Fellow training, so that they may also provide their patients with optimal care.

As in years past, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has honored Dr. Unger with two invitations to teach this year: The first session, with Drs. Arthur Tykocinski and Ron Shapiro, will be dedicated to a topic of great importance in the field of hair transplant surgery – “How to make less look like more”. The challenge most central to hair restoration is how to use artistry and the illusion of density to cover as much of the bald area (both current and future) with hair that looks natural and will last for the patient’s lifetime. The second session, with Dr. Nicole Rogers, will focus on how to perform an elliptical excision harvest and consistently produce imperceptible scars in the donor area. The session will include lectures, hands on training and opportunity for learners to ask questions about all aspects of the surgery.

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